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For your aerospace, military, automotive and other critical applications, enhance every connection with the added strength of Heli-Coil threaded inserts. A straightforward choice for repair of stripped threads, threaded inserts are also increasingly specified for tapped holes in original manufacturing.

Unlike standard tapped holes—which tend to rely on just the first 2-3 threads—Heli-Coil inserts distribute the load across every thread for a stronger, more durable assembly. With Heli-Coil you'll create a better product, enjoy a lower rate of returns and increase customer satisfaction.

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Choose "The Original" for superior performance

Heli-Coil inserts—the Original wire thread inserts—are the engineer's choice for reliable tapped holes. These high-quality products offer serious benefits for superior performance.

  • Standard inserts made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Optional materials available for specialized applications including Phosphor Bronze, Gall Resistant Material (Nitronic 60) and Titanium
  • Primer-Free, Dry Film Lubricant, Cadmium and Silver finishing options can provide anti-galling benefits
  • Free-Running and Screw-Lock versions available
  • Inserts and tooling engineered to adhere to military and aerospace specifications
  • Most inserts are made in the USA by STANLEY Engineered Fastening

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A fitting solution for many applications

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Get a turn-key installed product with Heli-Coil inserts. Choose from a wide variety of configurations—including plating, material and locking or non-locking variants—suitable for industrial, aerospace and defense, as well as automotive applications. We can assist with tooling for insert installation at your facility.

Heli-Coil supports industry trends toward the light-weighting of materials using aluminum, magnesium or mild steel—without sacrificing structural integrity of bolted or fastened joints. Heli-Coil is designed to be incorporated into assemblies using softer, lighter or otherwise vulnerable materials for superior strength and performance.

Heli-Coil Free-Running inserts offer unlimited reusability, without compromising the strength or integrity of the original connection.

Heli-Coil kits can easily restore threads to better-than-new condition, extending product life.

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We have been selling Heli-Coil for more than 60 years and carry the full range of Heli-Coil inserts and tooling.

As a leading Heli-Coil distributor, we offer a large in-stock inventory with shorter lead times, custom packaging options and, of course, superior service and outside sales support.

You can trust that we will always be a true partner who genuinely connects with you, takes the time to understand your operation and puts your business's best interests first.