About US

Connections you can build on.

Our foundation is solid. We’ve been providing solutions to the production markets since 1926.

Our Story

We've always been a little bit different.

S.W. Anderson Co. traces its beginnings back to 1926 when Stanley Anderson became an engineering representative for high-volume, low-cost manufacturing components. While the engineering representative role was not new, Stanley did it a little bit differently than most salespeople in his day;

Instead of pushing product all the time, Stanley sought out to solve people's problems.

After becoming a distributor in 1949, he was known to problem solve with manufacturers on applications — even if he didn't win the quote — believing that hard work, honesty, and "know-how" were what customers really wanted to buy into.


Nowadays, we still operate with a similar mindset. Yes, customers buy our products and services, but it is the S.W. Anderson employees that continue to be the most valuable assets.

While other distributors are discarding their engineering resources for a few more items on their shelf, we’ve done the opposite; we’ve continued to invest in our technical knowledge to ensure that we can support your needs — on-site, over-the-phone, or online — no matter what.


Our Executive team sets and aligns the company goals.

Jim has been an integral part of leadership in the fastener industry for several decades. Since joining SWACO in 2011, Jim has led our team to continuous growth and reached several important milestones, including the expansion of the company's footprint; the latest includes a new distribution center and sales office in Northern California.

Other than steering our organization, Jim's focus is primarily on our customers. He uses his analytical thinking and strategic decision making to ensure the customer's experience is the best in the business.

Jim holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from Marquette University as well as an MBA degree in Finance and Strategic Development from Loyola University of Chicago. In his free time, Jim enjoys spending time with his family, barbecuing, concerts and traveling.

Throughout his 17 years in Sourcing and Procurement, Tim has had the opportunity to polish many skills. His proudest one? Offering customers ultra-competitive pricing through delicately navigating supplier contracts.

Tim holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering from Youngstown State University as well as an MBA degree from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and is a member of ISM-Chicago - The Association for Supply Chain Professionals. In his free time, Tim likes to spend time with his family, check out new cars and roots for the Chicago Bears (with hope).

Frank has been seamlessly supporting customers by overseeing teams responsible for finance and technology operations for 15 years. His uncluttered approach to tech and finance minimizes overhead costs and maximizes the savings to our customers.

Frank holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting from Northern Illinois University, an MBA degree in finance from DePaul University and is a CPA as well. In his free time, Frank likes to travel with his family, recently completing a 15-year goal of visiting all 50 states.

Our Branch Managers keep our team running smoothly.

Settled in amongst the tech giants of Silicone Valley, David and his team define the term "adaptable". Their ability to be a reliable resource for engineering, sourcing, quality, and operations demonstrate why people are still important in today's digitized purchasing world.

A hotbed of electronic manufacturing and design, Mark and his team know Class C mechanical components through and through, supporting local customers with engineering support and sourcing solutions that optimize overall costs.

Phil and his team support their region with comprehensive mechanical design, sourcing recommendations, and VMI programs especially for the agriculture, industrial production, aerospace and electronics industries in the area. The MN branch has been serving MN, ND, SD, IA and parts of WI since 1978.

Steve and his team tirelessly advocate for their customers, who are present throughout each one of the 7+ industries represented in the area. Their experience in those regional industries enable the team to leverage best-in-class insights across many disciplines.

Matching the demands of the region, Chris and his team routinely exceed customer expectations while keeping up with the pace of the regional industries like automotive, commercial appliance, and industrial manufacturing.