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1191-3CNY380 Tanged Non-Locking Insert

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Thread Size#10-32
Wire Insert SeriesNon-Locking
Wire Insert TypeTanged
MaterialStainless Steel
Material304 Stainless Steel
Length Nominal Dia.2 Dia.
Material SpecificationAS7245
Number of Free Coils9-1/2
Free Coil Diameter Min..236 in
Free Coil Diameter Max..256 in
Finish SpecificationAMS-QQ-P-416 (Type II)
Finish AppearanceGold to Yellow Chromate
Drilling Data
Suggested Drill Size ~ Aluminum#7
Suggested Drill Size ~ Steel, Magnesium, Plastic13/64
Minimum Drilling Depth for Bottoming Taps.505 in
Minimum Drilling Depth for Plug Taps.662 in
Drilling InformationThe minimum drilling depths shown below allow for the following recommended practices: 1. Countersinking the drilled hole to prevent a feather edge at the start of the tapped hole. 2. 3/4 - 1-1/2 pitch of insert ""set-down"" to allow for maximum production tolerance. Dimensions are shown for both plug and bottoming taps. (Note: Plug taps 5/16"" and smaller have a male center and the drilled hole depth dimensions allow for this length (one half of the diameter of the holt). Calculation of dimension ""F"" is as follows For Plug Taps 5/16"" and smaller: F = Insert Nominal Length (Q) + .5 (Bolt Nominal Diameter) + 4P (Tap Chamfer) + 1P (allowance for countersink and maximum insert set-down). For Plug Taps 3/8"" and larger: F = Insert Nominal Length(Q) + 4P (Tap Chamfer) + 1P (allowance for countersink and maximum insert set-down). For Bottoming Taps: F = Insert Nominal Length (Q) + 2P (Tap Chamfer) + 1P (allowance for countersink and maximum insert set-down).
Tapping Data
Countersink Diameter Min..230 in
Countersink Diameter Max..260 in
Pitch Diameter Min..210 in
Pitch Diameter Max. ~ Class of Fit 3B_in.212 in
Pitch Diameter Max. ~ Class of Fit 2B_in.213 in
Minimum Tapping Depth.410 in
Tap Major Diameter Max..234 in
Taps & Gages
Tap High Spiral Flute Bottoming 2B6906-3
Tap High Spiral Flute Bottoming 3B5906-3
Tap Spiral Point Plug 2B3FSA
Tap Spiral Point Plug 3B3FSB
Tap Straight Flute Bottoming 2B3FBA
Tap Straight Flute Bottoming 3B3FBB
Tap Straight Flute Plug 2B3FPA
Tap Straight Flute Plug 3B3FPB
Reference Gage 2B1441-3
Reference Gage 3B1694-3
Working Gage 2B3694-3
Working Gage 3B1443-3