Vendor Managed

Let's deepen our supply partnership, with S.W. Anderson's VMI program

Take VMI to the next level – your way

We've been connecting with our customers in the production markets since 1926 – so our broad knowledge and deep technical expertise in Class C components puts our VMI program in a class by itself. We have the unique ability to connect product expertise with supply chain insights – so you don't have to choose which is more important. We understand your profitability depends on getting it all right.

And while many VMI houses force customers to adapt to a ‘one size fits all’ system, ours was built for flexibility that seamlessly integrates with your current processes. We'll make sure you never need to worry about having the parts you need. Period.

We help you be the hero

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Spend less time managing class C components and more time on what's most critical to your business. With our VMI program you get:

  • Increased purchasing leverage through our buying power
  • Three-way item matching that ensures you always have the right parts
  • Fewer purchase orders with supplier consolidation
  • A class C component supply chain designed for your production needs
  • Flexibility to add items to the program as your requirements change
  • Available visibility to supply chain

Get a supply chain of the right parts, tailored to your usage. Our VMI program offers:

  • Consolidated shipments, no receiving against open purchase orders and no inspections — which means less receiving effort for you
  • Flexible inventory replenishment options that fit with your current product management processes
  • Easy-to-use scanners with a single-scan process for data capture
  • Real-time inventory visibility on scanners

Improve your production capacity with better on-hand inventory. With our VMI program you get:

  • On-hand inventory to cover maximum demand at all times
  • A supply chain specific to each SKU location that can change with your demand
  • Three-way item matching that ensures you always have the right parts
  • Real-time inventory visibility on scanners with bi-directional sync to your ERP/MRP

Improve the accuracy and timeliness of your reporting and forecasting. Our VMI program delivers:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Consolidated billing
  • Flexible, automated usage reports
  • Guaranteed contract pricing, avoiding fluctuations
  • Option to feed scanner data into your ERP/MRP to facilitate key inventory functions

VMI Program Overview


An Information Partnership

During the initial setup of the VMI program, we use your demand plan or estimated annual usage (EAUs) to develop a supply chain of the right products, tailored to your usage – with no start-up costs to you. With our unmatched technical expertise and supply chain knowledge, your VMI program becomes a true information partnership that lets you focus on the important things that keep your business moving forward.


Going with the (Data) Flow

Maintaining appropriate levels in your product bins is a simple process with our VMI program. The real-time data collected through our easy-to-use app provides instantaneous feedback that informs replenishment decisions and speeds up the replenishment cycle. This same raw data can also be fed back into your ERP system, facilitating key inventory functions.


Uncovering Ongoing Opportunities

Things change. And we'll often notice usage fluctuations before you do. Our VMI program is dynamic, not static, so we'll confer with you periodically, helping identify opportunities and issues that may be hidden in the details. We stay on top of your supply chain operation to make sure you're realizing every possible benefit.